Certified external laboratory

We guarantee the highest quality by relying exclusively on external certified laboratories, which control and monitor production processes and bacteriological chemical analyzes with extreme competence.

Tools and Maintenance

Accredia certification

Clean Rooms

Qualitative tests

Certified external laboratory

certified quality. pharmaceutical standards

Machinery suitable for the production of small and large batches of Food supplements

Our specialized technical staff is able to wisely maintain, calibrate and calibrate the machinery in order to optimize production.

Training and constant updating are an integral part of our corporate mission.

Calibration and calibration of machinery

innovative and efficient production and packaging

Each machinery and equipment of our factory is placed in clean rooms with high standards of cleanliness.

Our highly specialized technical staff constantly carries out maintenance, calibration and calibration operations
The staff that interfaces with it is trained to apply the correct hygienic behavior in the workplace, wearing, in addition to the uniform, all the disposable devices supplied, such as gloves, cap and shoe covers, to avoid direct contact with the product finished.
Our staff also takes care to carry out hand washing frequently, following the strict agreed procedures.
In our food supplement production laboratory, capsules, tablets, powders and liquids are produced previously tested and approved upstream, in the initial design and formulation phase.
During this stage, appropriate tests and controls are also carried out on time to guarantee and standardize the high level of quality of the finished product, ready to be promptly shipped.