A "Unique" partner for all production needs

Our third-party production is aimed at the big brands of the food supplements market, which need guarantees in terms of quality and production capacity.

About Us

T. Pharm is a company specializing in the production of food supplements for third parties. Our vision is characterized by a strong commitment to the needs of our customers and business partners and by an advanced and qualified technological approach.

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Powders and Granules

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IMA Zanasi

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Our Quality at your Service

Certified partners. Strict protocols. First quality raw materials.


La T. Pharm mira a diventare un punto di riferimento  a livello nazionale nel settore della produzione di integratori alimentari conto terzi. La nostra visione è caratterizzata da un forte impegno rispetto alle esigenze dei nostri clienti e partner commerciali. 


Our mission is to offer you the highest quality and peace of mind in entrusting your production. We have a plant of over 600 square meters in which a team of professionals specialized in cutting-edge technologies follows every phase of work with pharmaceutical-level production standards, certified by the Ministry of Health.


Our team is made up of highly qualified personnel who work every day with extreme care and attention.

Professional ethics

We believe in psycho-physical well-being therefore we are careful to make a careful selection of the raw materials that make up our supplements.

Quality check

We follow regular protocols for internal quality control during production and for the selection of certified raw materials.

Advanced technology

Latest generation machinery that guarantees the highest quality for our products.

Experience and ethics

innovative and efficient production and packaging

Certified quality raw materials. Production chain strictly aligned on pharmaceutical standards.

Scientific preparation based on constant research and development. Punctuality in deliveries.

A profound work ethic, based on respect for people and professionals.

T. Pharm is the ideal partner to entrust with your production line.


Our strengths

Controlled temperature and humidity

Class D Clean Rooms

Internal logistics

Ministerial Production Authorization

Selected suppliers

Cutting-edge technology