Food supplements

Third party production. Pharmaceutical standards. Certified quality. Cutting-edge technologies.

Production of Food Supplements for Third Parties

certified quality. pharmaceutical standards

We are a manufacturing company of food supplements and nutraceuticals for third parties. We offer quality standards aligned with the pharmaceutical sector, certified quality of the biological components used, a state-of-the-art plant capable of producing and storing large quantities, taking care of every stage of the production process.

Private & White Labelling

Production of small and large batches. Certified quality. Respect of deadlines. Competitive prices.

Graphic Design & Packaging

Our team will support you in creating the image of your product, from the logo to the packaging.

Labeling Consultancy

We offer our consultancy for the notification to the Ministry of Health in the realization of the labels and the booklet (where present).

Custom formulation

Our laboratories will be able to study a formulation to develop new product lines. Maximum flexibility and quality.

Certified quality. Pharmaceutical Standards

innovative and efficient production and packaging

We produce food supplements and nutraceuticals for third parties, offering quality standards aligned with the pharmaceutical sector and certified quality of the biological components used.

Our state-of-the-art plant is able to produce and store large quantities, meeting all the standards required by the largest companies in the sector.

We take care of every phase of the production process from the conception of the formula to the consultancy for labeling and the creation of the packaging and the image of the product.

Certified quality

The ISO 9001: 2015 N. CH-51158 certification guarantees high quality standards respecting all the regulations in force in the nutritional and dietary supplements sector, being authorized for production directly by the Ministry of Health.

Pharmaceutical Standards

Our factory has standards aligned with the pharmaceutical sector: temperature and humidity controlled environments, clean rooms, certified quality management system, selection of raw materials and certified partners.

Why Us?

High production capacity

State-of-the-art production processes and use of machinery from leading companies in the sector ensure a high production and logistical capacity, able to meet the demands of the largest companies.

ricerca e sviluppo

We are attentive to innovations with an agile approach in the research and development sector, which guarantees our partners a reliable scientific support and attentive to details from conception to product presentation.

Flexible management

We base our business on the flexibility of management and production processes. We constantly monitor the entire supply chain to ensure reliability and punctuality of deliveries.

single point of contact

We guarantee total assistance to the client, who will have a single key partner to refer to for every need. A huge advantage in terms of component quality, effectiveness and production costs.